Who We Are

​The Beginning

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​Founding Members

Nora Stewart, Don Stewart, and Jack MacKenzie had envisioned a place for people to go, to get back to nature. They were searching for a place in the outdoors that can serve as a learning centre in the prairie region.The three were determined to find a potential site and fell in love with the Moose Mountains in the early seventies. These three faced adversity despite the negative feedback received. Fifty letters were sent out to landowners and they only received three letters back with negative responses all from the South and West side of Moose Mountain Provincial Park. The group needed to take a different approach on their search of a potential site.

They eventually narrowed down their search to seven potential sites and began to talk to the landowners.  In the end, Hugh and Mary Kippen were the original landowners and sold a piece of land. Through this process, the Prairie Lore and Living Society was created and this non-profit organization has been running strong since 1972. Hardwork and dedication were needed to make this vision a reality. Don Stewart; engineer and one of the founding members, drew up the plans for the project and the construction was made possible through to the help from White Bear First Nation.  Currently, this site serves a variety of communities and has acted as a place for people to explore natural beauty for over forty years.

​Statement from Prairie Lore and Living Society 
Saskairie was established in 1974 by Prairie Lore and Living Society, a non-profit organization which dedicates itself in promoting the use of the outdoors.

Saskairie is situated on three quarters of woodland and wilderness in the R.M of Moose Mountain No. 63 adjacent to the Southern border of the Moose Mountain Provincial Park.  It was intended by its originator, Jack MacKenzie and Don & Nora Stewart to provide year round outdoor and environmental educational facilities for students to learn and enjoy.

With help of our members and many volunteers, a cabin/lodge was built in 1977 to accommodate and provide shelter for 32 people.  There is a wood furnace to provide heat in the winter months and a large eat-in kitchen which includes two wood cook stoves for preparing meals.  There is no running water or indoor plumbing, thus, giving it a rustic experience!  There is also a large main fire pit adjacent to the lodge and lots of room for camping and other outdoor activities.  There are lots of trails to investigate plants and wildlife and a lake close by for canoeing.

Saskairie provides opportunities for students and teachers from Elementary and Secondary Schools, students in University programs as well as many other groups such as, Scouts, Cadets, Church, Aboriginal and various other community organizations to live and learn in the natural environment.
We rely alone on volunteers, fundraising, donations and bookings for the operation of Saskairie.  We encourage all who visit to contribute to the upkeep of the facilities in doing their part whether it be cleaning, chopping wood or any other odd job that may be needed and leaving it for the next patrons to enjoy.